Mr.Gedville Profile


Mr.Gedville is one of two athletic trainers here at Lakes high school, so I sat down with him and asked about being an athletic trainer.

Xander: What got you interested in being an athletic trainer?
Mr.Gedville: I played baseball sophomore year and suffered an elbow injury and the trainer encouraged me to take a class to see what I thought of it. For the first time, academically, something clicked. I was able to understand the class and was good at it.

Xander: What was the worst injury that you have seen?
Mr.Gedville: Every year I see something, I have been an athletic trainer for about 25 years. I saw someone having stroke-like symptoms and was able to get them the help they needed. The worst baseball injury I have seen was someone doing a slap bunt and on a bunt the 3rd baseman came in and the ball ricochet right off the kids face. In the long run the player is ok.

Mr Gedville expressed that in his schooling he went through a Bachelors program and then he went on to get a masters degree in it. When getting his masters degree he decided to go on and get further training. He said “you’re introduced into stim units and ultrasounds.” Gedville mentioned that there’s new stuff that he hears about. He doesn’t really know much about them because they won’t get some of them in a highschool setting because of how expensive the machines are.