That’s A Girl?


Being the only girl on the Boys Varsity Lacrosse team can be challenging, Evie Blasius gives an inside look on what she has overcome.

Evie Blasius has been playing Lacrosse since she was in 2nd grade with some of her friends. She soon fell into a passion for the sport, as many kids do, and knew she wanted to continue this passion through high school.

Wanting to understand more about the sport itself, Evie gave an inside look on how her training looks and what she has had to overcome these past four years with the boy lacrosse team.

McKenna: How did you overcome any nerves about seeing yourself as the only girl?
Evie: “I’ve been tackling this for the last four years and it’s definitely been an experience. Whether that be the guys going to the locker room and I go to the separate locker room or being called one of the boys, it is definitely something I have learned to overcome”

McKenna: What drew you to lacrosse more than another sport?
Evie: “When I was in second grade, my best friend played lacrosse and he really was the one that helped me start developing my passion for the sport. I started playing for a girl travel team and then freshman year I was on the JV team and I started developing more skills and then Sophomore through Senior year I have been on varsity

McKenna: What training do you do for a game?
Evie: “So as goalie I get warmed up first and after some stretches I will get in goal and then offense will start doing their shooting drills so I will practice stopping the shots”

Last year science teacher, Mr.Tobin was one of the lacrosse assistant coaches and was able to help give a better look at how Blasius grew over the past few years.

McKenna: How is watching Evie different from another person on the team?
Tobin: Watching Evie is super exciting. Goalie is a vital position, and it was fun to watch Evie make saves. The team always supported Evie, so people would get excited when she was put in. One time, she knocked over a player from another team on her way to the goal. It was glorious.

McKenna: How much improvement did Evie have in order to move up on varsity?
Tobin: Evie has improved a lot over the years. She does a great job balancing her various commitments and always puts in her best effort. She understands the demands of being a student athlete well.

Blasius has clearly shown her dedication to the sport and has put in the work to be where she is today.

Currently she is looking at playing club lacrosse throughout college and going to be double majoring in theater and business marketing at Marquette University.