Talon Times? More like Talon Cries (because we’re graduating)


As the senior class of 2023 prepares to graduate, cry themselves to sleep after finals, barely pass their classes, and continue to slowly lose motivation, Talon Times is working hard to finish up the stories for this year (while doing all these same things, like crying).

You see, the majority of Talon Times (about 77% to be exact) are seniors! So, most of us are graduating too!! Including me. I’m very excited.

Let me tell you where I’m going first: I’m working over the summer at a summer day camp, and I’ll be performing in my final dance recital and musical! And I’m double majoring in Graphic Design and Theatrical Costume Design at Carthage College, which is where my dad went.

Our amazing, two year member of Talon Times and current Editor-in-Chief, Gianna Blasco, is majoring in Communications at Lake Forest College and is planning on moving into the city down the line in the near future.

Julia Veres, our Managing Editor, will be attending Butler University (which has an actual real life bulldog as their mascot) after the summer to study Motor Sport Engineering and Computer Science. #womaninstem

Lakes golf legend and the Sport, News, and Opinion Editor for Talon TImes, McKenna Sosnowski will continue to play golf at Augustana College. She’s majoring in Multimedia Journalism and Mass Communication. She would also like to find something involving Sports Media to study.

Ben Kingsbury (that’s that one funny guy), will be majoring in History and Education at Grand Valley in Michigan. He wants to be a history teacher, so watch out for your future kids.

Our lovely Maddie Chorazy will be attending the University of Iowa to study Biology (possibly Biochemistry). She plans on having a relaxing summer before going off on her own and training for a half marathon.

Lilly Bystrek will be attending University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is currently undecided but plans on doing something involving art. And over the summer she plans on going to Sheboygan with some friends.

This is the end of Talon Times 2022-2023. This is my final web story. It’s been wild. Take care of yourself. Bye!