Coming down with a case of Senioritus

Coming down with a case of Senioritus

Madeline Chorazy, A&E and Features

It’s the time of year we have all been dredging, the final last few weeks until spring break. I think I can speak for most seniors when I say that this year it has been extra tough to get school work done on time. I feel like the more seniors hear about colleges, and their next steps after Lakes the harder it is to keep focused in school.


For most cases senioritis is not just seniors being lazy, although that definitely happens. Most of the time when we are on our phones, or not turning in our homework we are really actually busy doing other things, such as meeting new roommates/friends, choosing what dorm/classes to take, and handling all of the stress that comes with up rooting yourself from a town and house most of us have never left.


It can be scary, but also so exciting with all the change that is happening. It can get exhausting having to manage all of these new relationships, new places and new lives. So exhausting that we find our heads falling on the desk more often than ever. We seem more addicted to our phones and social media because we are busy, very busy, meeting people and setting up the next four years of our lives. 


So we ask you through our yawns and tired, but excited eyes. Please have patience with us……………………………………………