Why Wrestling?


I dove into the inspirations of Lakes varsity wrestler – Jonathan Kamanda. What makes him pursue wrestling? What gives him the passion to succeed? Kamanda answered those questions.

Wrestling isn’t the most common sport to compete in. It’s not talked about very much, and it can go under appreciated. It is very unique and only a few can handle the competition and skill required to compete at the varsity level. Jonathan Kamanda is currently a junior on the varsity wrestling squad, he most definitely has the tools to compete, and he has had a very accomplished season ending with a very impressive record of 23 wins and 12 losses.

Kamanda has been wrestling for quite a few years now, starting at age 11. He wanted to pursue wrestling to follow after his older brother. “My brother did wrestling back in middle school,” Kamanda says. “I just wanted to follow in his footsteps so I tried it out and I loved it.” Something that Kamanda thought he’d try out just to be like his older brother, ended up turning into his passion from there on out.

Wrestling wasn’t the only thing Kamanda pursued. He played from sixth grade through ninth grade, but the passion for wrestling overcame the pursuit of other sports. “I really enjoy the thrill of wrestling,” Kamanda says. “Even now I still get the same thrill and feeling of excitement that I got from my first match every time I step on the mats.” He wants to pursue wrestling more than any other sports because he has never gotten this feeling about any other sports which also drives his love and dedication for the sport. Kamanda experiences that intense adrenaline rush every time and loves it and doesn’t want to let that feeling go.

Kamanda wants to carry his passion for wrestling outside of highschool, and far into his future. He wants to stay close to wrestling, for as long as possible. “A huge goal of mine is to get a scholarship. If not, all I wish is to be able to keep competing somewhere,” Kamanda says. He is very passionate about the sport and always strives to get better every year he plays. Kamanda makes it a personal goal to get a better record every season he wrestles. He improved his record but 5 more wins than losses this year and is looking to keep his losses in single digits his senior year. But most importantly, he will have to step up as a leader and a captain next year due to the seniors leaving this year. Coach Tortorice has had many talks to Kamanda postseason about stepping up to fill the shoes of the captains from last year. Kamanda’s personal goal is to improve his win loss record but his coach’s goal for his is to become the best leader and captain possible. This without a doubt is going to be tough on Kamanda, but he is more than capable of handling the position.