Behind the Bench Mob


Juniors Drew Bowen, Jacques Montes, Jake Wisniewski, and Derek Lucier created the Bench Mafia joke between the team and it spread throughout the school. Even though they are bench players the Bench Mafia still maintains and provides motivation to the whole team. Jacques says the “Bench Mafia” is something the four of us came up with to joke around with since none of us get playing time, but it definitely changes the team as a whole. I think we help the team realize not to take everything extremely seriously and that basketball is just a game, but we definitely make sure to lock in and have the right energy before big games. Since the joke began, the team has drastically improved and is playing in the regional semifinals tonight against Vernon Hills. The team is very focused on energy and the Bench Mob has become key over the season. The lack of playing time can be hard to stay motivated. Drew Bowen says “honestly staying motivated has been really hard for me since I haven’t had to go through anything like it before, but luckily the team is really close and everybody is friends so it makes it easy to get excited for the people who do play.” For the most part all of the bench mob stays motivated by taking this season as a learning experience so I can get ready for next year and be ready to step up after our seniors leave.

The joke started at the very beginning of the season before their first game when Lakes played in the yearly Mundelein tournament. Ever since the joke started, it quickly spread throughout the school. Now, everybody is spreading the Bench Mob energy at the games and even in school when Jacques, Drew, Jake, and Derek walk in the hallways. The energy at the games has grown since the joke started. This has helped lead the team to success.. Drew Bowen says “the bench energy has been a secret to a lot of success especially with the bench mafia, all of us getting energy at the same time can pump the team up and lead to scoring streaks, big plays, etc.” It is safe to say that the Bench Mafia has completely changed the team and potentially the program.

Now that their junior season is over, the Bench Mob are officially seniors on the court. With the big players like Brock Marino, Tyler Anderson, Tyson Dewey, Cade Primack, Cooper Lopriore, and Bryce Lucas leaving the program, the Bench Mob will have to step up. They have all been mentally preparing to step up and taking this year as a learning experience. To prepare for next season, Jacques is taking next off season to “work on the skills I need to get better and come in with a ton of energy especially from a defensive perspective. Next year is the final chance for the Bench Mob to show everyone their game that they weren’t able to show this year. The question everyone is asking now that the season is over is, will the Bench Mob fill the shoes of the leaving seniors?