Lakers Hockey Profile- Nico Revis



Whether you’re skating on ice or playing indoors on a court, hockey is an exciting sport. For senior Nico Rivas, hockey has been a very important part of his life. Rivas started playing when he was 12 years old and his talent helped the 2022-2023 Lakers earn a 9-8-5 record.
Starting with the Maulers, Rivas has improved his game by practicing all the time. “I have excelled in my [game] by dedicating my time to hockey every week and making sure I stay fit throughout the off-season,” Rivas explained. With the Lakers, Rivas plays left defense. “[I] stop the other team from scoring by playing the body, getting the puck off of the opposing team’s stick, and keeping people out of the front of the net,” Rivas said.
Looking back on the 2021-2022 hockey season, Rivas only had good things to say. “Last year’s season was really good, we won 2 tournaments throughout the year,” Rivas mentioned. With the 2022-2023 seasons coming to a close the Lakers hockey team did a fantastic job. “This year’s season [went] really well, we moved up in divisions and finished in 4th place,” Rivas said. The Lakers program was also in the league and state playoffs.
Throughout high school, Rivas has learned many things from his coaches. “The coaches have helped me become a better person by making sure we give it our all at every practice and or game. They have also kept our priorities straight by disciplining us throughout the seasons and helping us be better leaders,” Rivas said. Rivas acknowledges that these are lessons he will use throughout his life.
With this being Rivas’s last season, many of his favorite high school moments came from playing for the Lakers. “My favorite Lakers memory is when I was a freshman on varsity and scored my first goal. It was the first tournament of the season and my first time in a game. I was using a new stick for the first time and I scored by taking a slapshot from the blue line,” Rivas explained.
Although Rivas will not be playing at the collegiate level, hockey will always be important in his life. Not only has he been playing for many years, he has also made some great memories and friends. Rivas will always be able to hold onto everything that his coaches have taught him from skills on the ice to becoming a better leader. Having the opportunity to learn the skills that you can obtain from sports is great for when you grow up and are able to use them.