A Five Star Three Star Band


On January 30th the Jonas brothers received a star on the Hollywood walk of fame they are the 2,745th star to be set. They received the star for recording, and while at the ceremony the brothers announced they would be releasing a new album entitled “The Album” to be released on May 5th. 

From the formation of the brother’s band in 2005 till now they’ve experienced 2 most aspects of Hollywood. The brothers have had endeavors in not only music but acting. They even garnered their own show titled “Jonas”

With this new album comes collaborators Jon Bellion spoke at the brother’s ceremony. The brothers posted a video of Bellion speaking at their ceremony. We can only speculate at the moment but the Jonas Brothers and Jon Bellion might be collaborating for this new album.

Jon Bellion is a singer, songwriter, composer, and producer. He has worked with artists such as Justin Beiber and Eminem and now it’s the brother’s turn for some of Bellion’s talent. Bellion had his own musical career in the past with numerous singles and albums under his belt. He has since taken a hiatus from releasing songs under his own name and now helps others with their music. 

With the musical genius of the Jonas Brothers and Jon Bellion “The Album” is sure to be one of the tops of 2023.