Gianna Blasco, Editor in Chief

To love, to lust, to lose, to grow, and to grieve; SZA’s new album SOS exposes the raw emotions that once consumed her throughout the process of healing her broken heart. Released December 9th, 2022, SOS currently holds number one on the Billboard 200- for its 5th week in a row. What specifically about this album has the world in such a chokehold? explains how SOS conveyed the complexities of “…feel[ing] like a superwoman who deserves the world one minute, and a depressive second-stringer sacrificing her well-being for garbage men the next.” This is most prevalent in songs such as Low, Conceited, and Smoking on my Ex pack: where the confidence is undeniable. Yet this confidence proves to be temporary in songs such as Blind, Gone Girl, and Used. The contrast of emotions truly captures the process of healing, where one-moment things are on an up, and the next the world seems to be crashing back down. 

Furthermore, the honest intensity of the album characterizes SZA as “relatable yet untouchable” all at once. Lyrically, there are moments when listeners may feel like they are on a facetime call with the artist. Specifically, in the song Kill Bill, where SZA is contemplating the idea of killing her ex. As a fan I feel that I am right there with SZA, cheering her on. While on tracks such as Low, SZA comes off as a powerful feminine being, almost like a force that can not be stopped. 

The variation of powerful emotions coursed through each song on SOS is what takes the album to the next level. The album is multifaceted in its beauty and is sure to continue being the anthem of those across the world.