Where to See the Best Christmas Lights

Madeline Chorazy, A&E and Features

The holiday season is finally here! Even though the holidays can be a stressful time it is still important to spend some quality time with yourself and your loved ones. One of my favorite activities to do with friends, family or just myself is to look at Christmas lights.

This activity can be done amost anywhere this time of year. From your car or walking holiday lights can be found in almost any neighborhood. Some neighborhood that do exceptional well are Country Place especially the sub neighborhoods Harvest Hill and Farmington. Also the ClubLands of Antioch had awesome lights. 

If you would rather just go to one house to get your fill of lights, I have some options.   The Tarkowski Family Light Show is one I go to multiple time a year. It is located on 1256 Bradford Lane, Antioch. Don’t worry you won’t be able to miss it! One of my personal favorite displays is on Prairie Ridge Circle in Lindenhurst off of Grass Lake road. This house includes tens of scenes that are all created by lights. From reindeer to dinosaurs I am sure you will find something you like here. 

Another great place to look at holiday lights is  by doing a drive through light show. Some in the area are Santa’s Rock ‘N’ Lights which are at the Lake County FairGrounds or Home for the Holidays Lighted Christmas Trail in Shiloh Park, Zion.

In the text above I have mentioned a lot of local places to look at Christmas Lights. There are many more options if you are willing to drive. If you have caught the holiday bug like me, be sure to plan out your weekends! Time flys!