Christmas Music Controversy


Emma Mehnert, Web-Editor

Halloween is dead, and the people are divided. The war has begun. When should you start listening to holiday music? This is a question that ruins friendships and tears families apart.

“A lot of people get mad get if you play it at the start of November, but if you like it you should play it,” a freshman explained. 

I personally believe that it’s okay to listen to Christmas music right after Halloween. There are no Thanksgiving songs to listen to, so why not just start getting into the Christmas spirit early? Radio stations are already playing them; so, there’s no escape anyway.

“[Christmas music should be played] all year ‘round. If you’re sad, Christmas music, if you’re happy, Christmas music,” a sophomore stated.

A fellow senior, however, disagrees.

“I don’t start playing Christmas music until December first, but really what I think is that you should start listening to your Christmas music whenever you start your advent calendar,” they stated. “If you’re someone who forgets to start their advent calender until, like, two days before Christmas, whoopsie! That’s when you start Christmas music. Punish yourself”.

I’m not ashamed to admit it, I have listened to Kelly Clarkson’s “Underneath the Tree” literally, like, once a day since the start of November. That one Mariah Carey song is good, but overrated in my opinion. That joy that enters my soul when that song is played is ungodly. You can wait until Christmas, I don’t care, but I’m feeling festive now so suck it.

Anyway, whatever your stance is on this, if you listen to holiday music in the middle of October, after Halloween, after Thanksgiving, whatever, do what makes you happy. If you hate holiday music then I’m sorry you don’t have joy (that’s a joke, everyone is entitled to their own opinion).