Transitioning Fall to Winter Athlete – Kati Goldsmith

Dedication is one of the most important qualities of an athlete, yet it is rarely ever talked about. The hard work and effort that goes into practices, dieting, and working out are often overlooked because as an audience, we only see the outcome. Junior, Katimahmud Goldsmith, was willing to talk with me about his experience being a multi-sport athlete at Lakes Community High School.
Goldsmith began wrestling in 6th grade, and he started playing football in 7th grade. Due to these two seasons being back to back, there are many challenges Goldsmith faces in his day to day life. During wrestling season, not only does he attend the practices and meets, but he also puts in the extra work outside of scheduled practices. He describes his usual day during wrestling season, “I end up waking up at 7 and getting home at 10. I have to wake up and check my weight, then that decides how much I eat throughout the day and the extra workout I end up doing.” He expresses, “My favorite part [about wrestling] is that I constantly stay in shape.”
Although the success is great, “the biggest challenge is having to spend less time with my football friends because wrestling takes up literally months of my year, and I have little to no time to do anything else,” Goldsmith says. However, year after year, Goldsmith works hard and competes to the best of his ability. He took 3rd place in varsity Sectionals at 195 pounds and also attended Frosh/Soph State.
In between football season and wrestling season, Goldsmith has a two week time frame to prepare for wrestling. He explains, “Honestly, I just give myself a rest week if possible, then I start going to wrestling practice.” Although Goldsmith faces some challenges, he has worked hard for his success and plans to continue to do so going into his junior wrestling season. We can expect great things from Katimahmud Goldsmith in the upcoming two years at Lakes.