Hallway Interrogation

The students of Lakes Community High School are all interesting in their own unique and wonderful ways. Here are some unique questions and unique responses coming from a random student that I met in the Commons.

Name: Sydney Fitzjarrell             Grade: Senior

What’s your least favorite state? Why? – Texas. Too big.

How tall do you think I am? – Six feet tall? (correct)

How many times have you fallen down the stairs in this school? – Once freshman year

When was the last time you felt happy? – Playing with my cat this morning

Second favorite color? Why not your first? – Green, it’s my best friend’s favorite but not mine.

Pancakes or Waffles? – Pancakes

Thoughts on the speed bumps outside of the school? – I think they’re fun, there needs to be more.

Favorite pasta shape? – Shells

Do all froot loops taste the same? – Yes

Favorite class flags in the commons? – The teal one (2018)