Fiery Protests Erupt in Iran


Ben Kingsbury, Web Editor

Protests have rocked Iran in the past few weeks over a women’s right to choose whether she wears a Hijab, a religious scarf. Iran is a theocracy, meaning religious rule, and their state mandates Hijab wearing through a group called the Morality Police who physically threaten and beat women who do not comply. The trigger for these renewed protests is that a woman was beaten and killed for not wearing a Hijab, and it spread like wildfire throughout Iran. Cities have been taken over by protesters and fires full of Hijabs are present on most streets. While this popular unrest goes on the government in Iran is cracking down hard on these protesters, stating that they will “deal decisively with unrest”. The future is uncertain but yet again in the middle east women’s rights are under attack. The actions of the Iranian people will be watched very closely and if these protests prove successful the Iranian government may fall or be severely weakened, making yet another power vacuum in the region. Whatever the future may hold for Iran, it sure will be tumultuous and set a precedent for the middle-eastern world.