Right before the first football game of the season began, another huge event was being held at our very own school. At 5:30 pm, contestants for the Miss Lindenhurst pageant piled into the backstage of our auditorium in preparation for the competition. Competing in this pageant was Lakes’s very own Emily Murray.

“It was very exciting,” the junior explained just after ordering Wendy’s during the interview. “There was a strong sisterhood during the pageant and everyone was very supportive of one another”.

Murray won the ‘Miss Lindenhurst 2022’ title and was pleasantly surprised when the announcement was made.

“I was surprised due to being so young, it was overall exciting and a wonderful experience that will forever be a memory,” she explained after being asked for her reaction to the win.

When asked what her plans were with this title, her majesty was quick to respond that she has a goal of hosting a three mile walk with other fellow queens and people of the community. This walk will be in support of JDRF (the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) to raise awareness for Murray’s sister and the thousands of others who suffer from type one diabetes. 

“My platform gave me an opportunity to raise awareness for people with type one, as well as being a role model for people in my community and show women the importance of public speaking,” Murray exclaimed.

After the win, Emily Murray carefully set her sash aside to attend the football game just ten minutes after the pageant came to a close. 

“I still want to have a fun junior year while taking on the responsibilities of Miss Lindenhurst,” she mentioned.

There were two wins that early September day; that of the Lakes football team and our own Miss Emily Murray.