Relationship Red Flags: Can he do his own laundry?

The color change in the leaves sends signals to both bears and humans. While bears scavenge the land for anything to consume in their preparation for hibernation, humans are on their own prowl for a boo to keep them warm for the particularly miserable months ahead. In your own desperate search for someone to carve pumpkins with, make sure you take note of the red flags that arise!

According to Very Well Mind, red flags are “warning signs that indicate unhealthy or manipulative behavior”. This could include signs of narcissism, victimization, aggression, or even the inability to do their own laundry. These “flags” usually surface in arguments, day to day behavior, or possibly their discussions with friends. 

The best way to counteract these roadblocks is to “cultivate self-awareness around red flags, [in order to] avoid toxic situations” states Better up. Ultimately, be honest with yourself. If you do in fact notice something about your partner that may have the potential to cause you future emotional harm, be proactive in setting boundaries and creating clear communication with each other. 

In the end, everyone just wants to stay comfortable and toasty while enduring the chillier seasons!