School Traditions Are Kicking Off


With the 2022-2023 school year off to a great start with our annual pep assembly on Polly Field, students are wondering about other traditions Lakes Community High School has to offer this year. 

Our amazing fan section leaders, Royal Rush, which consists of our top picked spirit seniors, coordinate a tailgate before home games that every student at Lakes is welcome to take part in, and be a part of the rush at the football games. The adrenaline running through your body as you shout classic Lakes chants and scream as loud as you can is something every student will remember.

Along with the pep assemblies, Lakes also offers an amazing week leading up to homecoming. Sports teams and clubs all choose a hallway to decorate based on that year’s theme. While the hallways are decorated with everything under the sun, each day has a different theme leading up to the day of homecoming and you can dress up to match it, this year the theme is Candy Land! 

The one thing every class looks forward to each year is the annual “Y-E-L-L” chant. Whichever class screams the loudest wins the trophy for the year and gets ultimate bragging rights. This year the Juniors won the trophy, and they will hold it until next year unless a new class is able to yell louder

While we have many great traditions, the best tradition Lakes ever had was D117 Day. D117 day was historically held on January 17th  (1/17), which was filled with different activities you could participate in before the school day got underway. But because of Covid, the event has been on pause for the last three years. However, now that life is finally returning to ‘normal’ some students are wondering when this amazing day (filled with games, smores, and hot chocolate) will come back to Lakes.  

With the 2022 school year starting off on the right foot, it will be amazing to finally have this tradition come back to Lakes for every student to take part in and make lasting memories.