LCHS Students Hacked

LCHS Students Hacked

Saige Bremer, Staff Reporter

Social media hackers have been around for almost as long as the creation of the internet. More and more people have been getting hacked. Why haven’t people learned to just avoid scams? That’s because it’s getting harder to tell what’s a scam and what’s not. Recently, Lakes Community High School students have fallen victim to Instagram hackers.

“My friend sent me a link and told me to click on it,” Haley Easterberg explained.  “I didn’t know she was already hacked, so I clicked on it, and I got hacked too.”

For Easterberg, like many others, getting hacked was an awful experience. She had figured out that she had gotten hacked when she tried to open Instagram. She “couldn’t log in” which made the Lakes Sophomore begin to get anxious. Then, Instagram said that Easterberg “had lost connection” which made her realize something was wrong. She had been hacked. 

Most teenagers love their phones and social media. It isn’t surprising that Easterberg described the event of her profile getting hacked as “traumatizing and traumatic.” Many teenagers that have gotten hacked would probably have the same reaction.

This Lakes Sophomore isn’t the only one getting tricked by social media hackers. According to a study from Digital Information World, 9 in 10 Americans know of someone who has been hacked. This causes many Americans to get worried about getting hacked in the future. 

Although this concern is understandable, hacking is mostly avoidable as long as people are wary. So the next time you get a strange DM from your friend, be cautious to make sure you don’t get hacked.