Emma Mehnert, Web-Editor

How did a normal Adventure ED period cause about a dozen students to go to the nurse’s office? One word: Bees. On Friday, August 26, first period Adventure ED took a trip down the road to Camp Peacock. What started off as a normal tour turned into an adventure no one expected to embark on. 

“I got stung four times” Evie Blasius,a senior in Adventure ED Advanced explained.

Before the stinging started, both classes were down by the camp lake, sitting on the sand and pier. The period was coming to an end, so everyone started back onto the buses. Sarah Heard, the first one up the stairs, got a front row seat to the ‘stinging sensation.’

“I was the first one up the stairs, I saw chaos unfold under me” the senior said.

The wooden stairs leading down to the beach were explained by multiple people in the class to be the home of the bees. After walking up one specific step, the bees charged into battle.

“The kid in front of me stepped on a crack in the wood and he got swarmed” Lilith Bandy, a junior Adventure ED student had stated.

After talking with Mr. Gedville, it was explained that many untrue rumors were spread about this incident. So in case anyone has been wondering, no one went into shock, an ambulance was not called, and no they were not killer hornets.

“Second period was almost not allowed to go” said a second period Adventure ED Advanced student, Mara Tanneberger, “When we took the tour at the camp, we avoided the stairs”.

Thanks to the daring efforts of first period Adventure ED, all other periods were able to avoid the bees and the whole situation was taken care of.