The Newest Super Berry

Haskap, an emerging super berry, is grown in northern areas of the United States and areas of Canada, such as Nova Scotia. Also known as Blue Honeysuckle or Honeyberry, haskap is recorded to taste slightly like blueberries, but with less sweetness. 

The Independent reported that Dr. Glyn Howatson of Northumbria University – located in the United Kingdom – recently did a study on how eating the berry could affect the abilities of runners. 

Much of the research that The Independent acquired was commissioned from a superfood company based in Nova Scotia Canada called Haskapa, which, true to the name, sells freeze dried powder made from the haskap berry.

Information from Montana State University shows that the Haskap berry is a very good source of Vitamin C and Antioxidants, both of which could be present in higher concentrations than in blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. Dr. Howatson also said that they have anti-inflammatory properties.  

In Dr. Howatson’s study he took 30 male, recreational runners, applying a placebo control variable to the runner who did not eat the berry. The results of his experiment were pretty astounding. 

The study showed that runners that had consumed the berry ran “‘about 0.25km/h quicker of the same distance’” of 5km, or about three miles. This o.25km increase is equivalent to about a 20 second time improvement, just from eating a berry. 

It is interesting to think about how this new and emerging super berry could affect athletic performance.