Update on Masks in Illinois

On February 28, a majority of the mask mandates were lifted in Illinois.

On February 9, Governor J.B. Pritzker stated he would remove the mask mandate for indoor public places by the end of the month. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention stated that now 70% of Americans can now move freely without masks. Schools have lifted restrictions and have allowed students and teachers to choose whether to wear masks or not. Restaurants, bars, fitness centers, and a majority of other public places no longer require masks as well.

Even though the mandate lifted masks in most places, there are a few places that still require you to wear a mask. Chicago public transit reminds citizens of Chicago that they still require masks when they are in use. Some school districts and local governments can choose to continue the mask mandate or lift the restrictions. Hospitals and other healthcare/long-term care facilities will still require masks to be worn and businesses may require them in situations that seem fit for masks to be worn.

Even though the masks mandate has been lifted, WTTW News states that masks should be worn in situations where someone near you or a family member has been immunocompromised.