Mental Health Benefits of House Plants


Many benefits stem from filling your living space with house plants. Not only is greenery pleasant to the eye, but plants also provide clarity, peace, less stress, and an overall healthier environment. In fact, plants remove carbon from the air, replacing it with oxygen. This results in improved air quality, allowing for easy, crisp deep breaths. According to it can also be argued that a “bacterium in soil called mycobacterium vaccae triggers the release of serotonin”. This can lead to lower anxiety and stress levels. Caring for houseplants engages the senses, such as touch and smell. Being in the moment connecting with another living thing ultimately makes you feel like a happy, grounded, and peaceful individual. found the perfect houseplant for each individual zodiac sign.

Aries: Orange Orchid. As a “fascinating fire sign, your bold personality matches the Orange Orchids to a tee.”

Leo: Monstera Deliciosa. Like this plant, “your presence fills a room and is impossible to ignore.”

Sagittarius: Coffee Plant. As a “low maintenance, high velocity sign runs on ‘natural caffeine’ and like the coffee plant, adds natural vibrance to every space and scene.”

Tarus: Parlor Palm.The “Parlor Palm is a beautiful plant with that go-with-the-flow attitude, growing taller by the day with little more than sunlight like the self-sufficient Taurus.”

Virgo: Echeveria.“Virgos will happily parent a plant that follows a schedule and tends to be fastidious just like them, just like the succulent Echevria.”

Capricorn: Snake Plant. Capricorns are known to be low maintenance.“The less you fuss over them, the better, just like the Snake Plant.”

Gemini: Calathea Vittata. “There’s no set pattern they’ll follow, no single reason for their rhyme, and that’s what makes both Gemini and this plant unique!”

Libra: Bird’s Nest Firm. “Libra is ruled by aesthetic and empathic Venus—and the delicate, lovely Birds Nest Firm also exudes a rare beauty.”

Aquarius: Pilea Peperomioides. “The Aquarius is a peppy presence in any group, just like the Pilea Peperomioides

Cancer: Anthurium. “The Anthurium also ebbs and flows—sprouting a series of blooms throughout the year.”

Scorpio: Philodendron Green. “…Their magnetic energy turns heads nonetheless, something they have strongly in common with the Philodendenron Green.”

Pisces: ZZ Plant. “For the caring water sign that doesn’t always thrive in the mundane, the ZZ Plant will keep on growing and going, adapting to fluctuating conditions just like the zodiac’s Fish.”