Homecoming Highlights


Powder Puff, parade, pit of fire, packed stands, and a pumped up dance. Many students consider homecoming week their favorite week of the whole school year. With a plethora  of activities, there is sure to be something for everyone. I asked students of Lakes for some of their homecoming highlights. 

Malakai Zamora, varsity football player, described his pregame highlight. “As a team we do this chant. One player is chosen to lead with ‘Who got my back’, the rest of the team responds with ‘I got your back’. It surges the energy while bringing the team together.”

Juniors Mae Bystrek and Amanda Pierce enjoyed the dance floor. “When Harry Styles came on our friend group went crazy. We never danced harder.”

Evie Blasius loved the powderpuff game. She explained how “The tension with the seniors was heavy. I am happy we tied, it was a good ending for both sides.”

Senior Skyla Lee admired the theme of the football game. “My friends and I went all out with fur coats and fake dollar bills. It was so cool to see everyone take the theme so seriously. Couldn’t have asked for a better senior homecoming game.”

Varsity field hockey player Maddie Chorazy favored the parade. “My whole family came,” she exclaimed. “They even brought my dog! It was nice to have their support, as well as the support from the others that lined the streets.”

Many students can agree that being able to participate in homecoming activities at all was a win in itself. With restrictions due to COVID-19 the 2020-2021 school year, a number of students felt disconnected to the school community. This year’s homecoming week allowed students to make the connections that so many have been missing.