New Member of Talon Times

New Member of Talon Times

Hunter Savell, Design Coach

With the new school year picking up and already almost halfway through its course, Talon Times will be gaining a new member.

Since 2005, Talon Times has been a student-run news organization that focuses on supplying the Lakes Eagles with up-to-date news and information. However, as the school year is heating up and the first issue is ready to head out, the student-faculty has been put through the winger and has begun a search for a new member to really help Talon Times take flight. With all wings on deck, the crew has looked far and wide to identify the best candidate for the job.

Throughout the search, there had been one candidate who stood out, always operating at beak performance. With all the tailent of a skilled reporter, this new addition will definitely be taken under our wings. With a good clutch on our paper already, the addition to the organization will surely be a specktacle.

Without feather ado, the Talon Times will be revealing this new member with the arrival of Issue 2. With that, stay on the lookout for a sneak beak of the new member of the nest, Eagles!