Senior Assassin

Zoe Easterberg, Staff Reporter

Senior assassin has been an on-going tradition at Lakes Community High School. Only seniors participate and it is a very competitive game. Despite being super competitive, it is also a very popular game that other schools offer as well.

Everyone who chooses to participate buys themselves in for five dollars. All of this money goes into the jackpot, which the winner receives. After you have paid, you are given a target of whom you are supposed to track down and spray with a water gun. If you do not shoot your water gun within the first two weeks that you get your target, you are put on the bounty list. If you are on the bounty list, anyone who is in on senior assassin has the power to get you out.

This game is more complicated than some may have thought. In order to get your target, you have to do lots of research and you most definitely have to catch them off guard. It is a really fun opportunity, and the more entries there are in the game, the more money the winner will win!