Full In Person Classes- Parents

Lilly Hoy, Section Editor

The 2020-2021 school year has been a different one, to say the least. For Lakes Community High School, we started off with hybrid learning with some weeks as full-remote. Starting April 19th, LCHS has decided to offer full in-person classes to any student who chooses to attend. There is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to full in-person classes during a pandemic and many members of the community all have different viewpoints. Talon Times asked students, student-athletes, staff, teachers, and parents to answer some questions regarding the change.
The switch to in-person classes affects the students and staff the most, but parents and guardians of students still have a say in the matter. First, we asked participants how comfortable they felt with their student returning to full in person classes on a scale from 1-very uncomfortable to 4- very comfortable.
One parent responded that “I think the school is doing a good job with sanitizing and distancing. However I don’t think everyone should be going back at once [sic] perhaps give the A and B groups more time.”
Being safe also means the mental health and well-being of students, another parent responded “Being away from the building has been really bad for a lot of students.
We then asked parents what they see the risks of the change would be. Of the few parents that responded, they all said that they worry about a spike in cases, and students may not follow the Covid mitigation rules, such as social distancing or wearing masks over the nose and mouth.
Even though there are risks involved, those same parents agreed that online learning has not been easy for their child.