3 Expectations for the second half of NBA season

Jack Engel, Section Editor

As the second half of the NBA season is kicked into full swing, many teams expect to make the postseason- but only 14 will participate in the playoffs. However, the current seedings predict a very unpredictable postseason as many teams historically under .500 proceed with a winning record. With a very unfamiliar postseason upon us, here are 3 expectations for the second half of the NBA season.


  1. The Utah Jazz to be a number one or two seed in the east

The pandemic took a toll on many teams this season, with constant cancellations, daily confinements to a hotel, and restricted attendance for games. However, throughout all this, the Utah Jazz has thrived, shooting the best team 3 point percentage in the league. This team’s winning streak shows no time of stopping.

  1.  The Brooklyn Nets to climb the defensive rankings.

After the Nets acquired offensive juggernaut James Harden in the offseason, they instantly became favorites to win the chip with their superstar trio Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden. However, all this offensive power was not matched in defensive where the Nets ranked as one of the worst teams in the NBA. On the contrary, this lack of defense is now saved by the Nets free agent pickups Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge, two  historically skilled big men. These two vets should help cover the unsatisfactory defense from Brooklyn. Expect big things from the Nets!

  1.  The Miami Heat to climb the power rankings 

Last year’s title contenders, Miami Heat are beginning to set themselves for a real championship shot with their trades at the deadline. At the trade deadline, the Miami Heat picked up superstar, Houston guard, Victor Oladipo. This is an incredible addition to the already solid Houston lineup. Expect Oladipo to help on both ends of the floor and help share ball time with franchise play Jimmy Butler. The Miami Heat are in it to win it!