NBA Injuries

Jack Engel, Section Editor

If you take a good look at the NBA right now, you will notice that many of its biggest players are out of commission with injuries. Among that list reads Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, and John Wall all out with injuries sustained during the current season. While some attribute these injuries to the dangers of the job, many look to a different explanation, the players need longer rest.

In between the 2020 and 2021 NBA season, there was a total of 72 days as a result of COVID-19 detours. Nonetheless, this is a remarkably short off-season. Because of this short break players are more vulnerable to the wear and tear that comes with the season.

The NBA had a chance to give all players a break by canceling the All-Star game but chose to hold the game amidst the pandemic. While the All-Star game makes up a great deal of the league’s yearly income it sends a message that the NBA values money over safety from the pandemic and health of its players.

If the NBA were to implement small breaks into the second half of the season they would begin to the see overall health of their players get better, ultimately leading to better quality games. This second half of the season has all eyes on the NBA administration.