What Is March Madness?


Before I start my story I would like to say that I don’t really know anything about basketball. Well I mean I know the basics of basketball, but when it comes to professional and college I don’t know much. I am strictly a theatre, video games, and music person. So if you came here looking for a well-detailed article about what teams and players will look like, then I suggest reading something from someone who lives and breathes basketball. On the other hand, since you are already here, you can stay and read about March Madness from the perspective of someone who knows little about basketball.
March Madness refers to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in which single-elimination basketball tournaments are held from March to the beginning of April. NCAA committee selects 68 teams to compete in the tournament, 16 for each region. The NCAA website has a website that will be counting down to March 14th when Selection Sunday will begin. According to nbcsports.com “Selection Sunday is when the full bracket for the 68-team NCAA men’s basketball tournament is revealed. … Selection Sunday is when those at-large teams find out their fate and whether they’ve made it into the tournament or not.” Many have made their own predictions about what teams will be competing and how far they will get. To be honest I couldn’t make out what most of the predictions meant. From what I gathered, fans will use past games and players to make educated guesses on teams’ successes or failures.
The NCAA website also has a short article about how to play the March Madness bracket. Their website states “The NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament starts with a bracket of 64 teams. Before the games begin, you can try your hand at predicting the winner for each one of the 63 games. Your methodology is entirely up to you, whether that’s taking a deep dive into the statistics, flipping a coin, or having your dog make picks for you.— As the games progress, you’ll get points for every winner you picked correctly. Those points increase every round (games in the second round are worth twice as much as games in the first round, and so on). At the end of the tournament, the player in each group with the most points wins that group.”
While I don’t know much about March Madness, I will be keeping an eye on what teams are moving forward.