Weird but True: The Buffalo Bills went to Four Straight Super Bowls, and Lost all of Them


Travis Cellucci

In NFL history, there have been a lot of teams who have made it to the Super Bowl in back-to-back years. The 2019-2021 Kansas City Chiefs is the most recent team to pull this off. There have also been teams that made it to three straight Super Bowls including the 70s Dolphins and the 2016-2019 New England Patriots. Making it to three straight Super Bowls is an amazing feat itself and rarely ever happens. You’re probably thinking right now that there is no way a team could go to four straight Super Bowls; They would have to be the best team in their conference for four years, but that’s exactly what the 90s Buffalo Bills team did, except they lost every single Super Bowl they went to.

During the early 90s, the Buffalo Bills were one of the best teams in the league with stars like quarterback Jim Kelly and wide receiver Andre Reed, not to mention one of the best defensive ends of all time in Bruce Smith who had 200 career sacks and that record still holds today. Their competition in the AFC conference was stiff going against John Elway’s Broncos and other amazing teams such as the Dolphins and Raiders. In the Bills’ first-ever Super Bowl they went up against the New York Giants who were led by quarterback Phil Sims. It was this Super Bowl that has led many fans to believe that it cursed the next three Super Bowls. With seconds left on the clock Bills kicker, Scott Norwood lined up for a 47-yard field goal for the win and missed it wide right as time expired. Heartbreak spread across Buffalo as their first Super Bowl championship was taken away from them by a couple of inches. Next year the Bills played the Washington Football Team losing 37-24 and once again the Bills fans and organization had been disappointed. The final two Super Bowls the Bills played in, were complete blowouts against the 90s Cowboys dynasty including the likes of Troy Aikam, Emmit Smith, and Michael Irvin, suffering a 52-17 loss and 30-13 loss. The Bills had done the unimaginable by making it to four straight Super Bowls only to lose every single one.

Fast forward to today, and the Bills have still yet to win a Super Bowl. This year was the closest the team has gotten in years making it back to the AFC Championship only to lose to the Chiefs. The future is bright forever in Buffalo as it seems they have their franchise quarterback in Josh Allen. The Bills should be contenders for years to come. Let’s just hope we won’t see a repeat of the other four Super Bowls.