Project Tree-Plenish


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many service projects have been shut down. However, some companies, such as Tree-Plenish, have taken new approaches to maintain service in our community.

Back in December, the company Tree-Plenish partnered with Lakes Community High School “to help build sustainable communities through youth engagement”. The ultimate goal of the company is to host their own tree planting event in order to offset the amount of paper used during the school year. 

Here at Lakes, Mr. Newton and members of the EverGreen club calculate that 220 trees need to be planted to offset the amount of paper used during the school year. Fundraising has also taken place, and planting begins on April 17. Now, it is up to us as students, staff, and members of the community, to help them meet their goal. For only $5, trees can be bought and planted in your yard by club members. They are also looking for volunteers to help plant trees since each tree planted is one step closer to their goal. Donations may be made at if you cannot purchase a tree, but still would like to help.

Public Relations Leader at Tree-Plenish Catalina DeMassi quotes that this project is a great way to give back to the community “by empowering the youth to stand up and make a difference.” By supporting this project, we can make Lake Villa a more sustainable community.

For more information, check out the Tree-Plenish website or email Mr. Newton and the EverGreen club.