Jack Harlow’s Tyler Herro

Jack Engel, Section Editor

Louisville’s biggest upcoming rapper, known as Jack Harlow, drops his latest single “Tyler Herro”. Named after Miami Heat’s star rookie guard “Tyler Herro”, the song celebrates the success of both Herro and Harlow in their “Rookie Year”. Jack Harlow is coming off the release of his newest studio album “Sweet Action”. The album sold 15 thousand copies during its first week, outselling more experienced rappers, such as Blueface, who sold 13 thousand first week. While Harlow was racking up album sales, Herro was racking up points. Herro’s first year in the NBA was one to remember, Herro, averaged 27 mins, 13 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists (via NBA.com) all from the starting the position. In addition to the stat line, Herro became the youngest player ever to start in an NBA finals game, breaking Magic Johnson’s record by 256 days. It’s safe to assume that Herro is in good company! 

Not only was the hit single a celebration of success, but a celebration of Louisville. Herro and Harlow both have strong ties to the city of Louisville. Harlow was born there and is not afraid to show. In Harlow’s viral hit song “WHATS POPPIN”, he references Louisville many times, such as “in the ‘Ville and I move like a don” or “I’m at the club with the basketball team, me and the cardinals (referring to the Louisville University Cardinals) sharing the section”. 

While Harlow shows love for Louisville on the mic, Herro proves it on the court. Herro spent his rookie collegiate career at the University of Kentucky, where he averaged 14 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists (according to  UKathletics.com), and additionally became the first player in the UK to start all 37 games. It’s safe to say the Herro and Harlow will always show out for their hometown.