How are Haunted Houses Opening This Year?

Zoe Easterberg, Staff Reporter

With Halloween just around the corner, the spookiness is starting to fill the air. Most years people are looking for the adrenaline of scary movies and haunted houses. In past years, going to haunted houses was so carefree, and the big questions were, “how scary are they”? “Which should I go to”? But this year, everyone has to worry whether or not they are safe enough to go, and if they are even opening.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, and how it has put a stop to most traveling, haunted houses will be drawing in a more local crowd. Although, because haunted houses allure so many people, there are definitely going to need to be some precautions. What are they?

Many haunted houses have decided to require masks for guests and actors, reduced capacity, temperature screenings, and being sure to maintain social distancing. Other haunted houses have made great use of the outdoors. One in particular, called The Forge: Lemont Quarries, expanded their already outdoor park. 

Nearing 25 miles from downtown Chicago, the activity filled park opened mid-July keeping the pandemic in mind. Because the area is very spacious, it is very easy to maintain social distancing. That is why it didn’t have all the same issues other theme parks had. For their main activity, they decided to do a Zombie Apocalypse laser tag course.

These haunted houses seem to be a really big hit, and many people seem to be very happy that they’re opening. If you are planning on going to a haunted house, make sure to be safe and have a great Halloween.