NFL Week Two Recap

Ronen Kite, Staff reporter


Football has been going on for a few weeks, and audiences are now seeing how the coronavirus has impacted the season, players, stadiums, and fans of every team. Week two of the NFL’s season proved to be both funny and emotional for football fans., Many problems came to light, including  serious injuries, and stadiums playing a ‘boo’ track. 

For Eagles fans around the nation, this week fans embarrassed their team. During the Sept. 20 game against the Rams, quarterback Carson Wentz was booed off the field despite no fans being in attendance. During a fourth quarter throw in “which Carson threw very poorly,” he walked away as sound technicians at Lincoln Financial Field played a ‘booing’ track as Wentz walked away from the field. Not only did it happen once, it happened twice more. The second time occurred when  Wentz was unable to make a play, and again when Carson threw an interception when his team  was nearly in the endzone. In the future of football this season, it may be an interesting decision to allow all sound technicians at every stadium to use this boo track for both teams. Maybe it will offer a sense of realism as if fans are in the stadium, and even given that pressure and  anxiety of playing for a live audience  even though there is no one there.

Many players this week got hurt with very serious injuries: The New York Giants’ star player and running back left the game early on with a torn ACL. The San Francisco 49ers suffered the worst this week. 49ers Running Back, Raheem Mostert, sprained his MCL and could  miss anywhere from 2-12 weeks depending on the severity of the sprain. 8-12 weeks. 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, suffered a high ankle injury and has a possibility to play week three if he is healthy. Geroge Kittle, tight end, and Jason Verrett both suffered knee and hamstring injuries, but are supposed to return to practice this week. Nick Bosa and Solomon Thomas both suffered torn ACLs and are still waiting for results from the MRI. Tevin Coleman suffered a knee sprain and many of his teammates are worried about the injury saying he will be out for “multiple weeks”. The San Francisco 49ers took a heavy hit as they lost 10 players from this game since coming back this week, and many may be out for multiple weeks.

Coronavirus has been stressful on coaches, as well. Coach Vic Fangio of The Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll, and Kyle Shanahan of The San Francisco 49ers all faced $100,000 fines for not wearing masks during the games. Source Adam Schefter, sports writer, also states that each team will  be  fined $250,000 on top of $100,000 coach fines. That means during week two,  a total of $1,050,000 in fines will be dealt for failure to wear a mask. On top of this, head coach of the Oakland Raiders recently stated that he had contracted COVID previous to the start of the season. Tyrod Taylor also suffered a punctured lung before the start of the game after a doctor tried to administer a pain relieving shot for a cracked rib. The NFL Players Association is still investigating this incident.

Hopefully future weeks of the NFL’s season will be less exciting than this past week.