Quarantine Hair Dye Trends

Sophia Gesmundo, Co-Editor in Chief

Most of us are able to identify at least one stark contrast between our pre and post lockdown selves. Some took up new hobbies, some got back into old ones, and many have visually changed their appearance. As schools began to shut down and social distancing began, at-home hair dye trends began to take over, especially for teens and young adults. 


With less in-person interaction and increased influence and connection through social media and apps, specifically TikTok and Instagram, many found themselves pulled toward trying something new and taking a trip to the hair care aisle. Fear of a potentially botched job or having to go in public with vibrant hair faded away.


Most inspiration for teens came from the growing popularity and various communities on TikTok; videos of at-home dye jobs were filling for you pages and gaining more and more commonality. Among the most popular of these are chunky highlights and curtain streaks. The bleaching and/or dying of the two front-most pieces of hair was one of the most popularly seen hair trends at the beginning of self-isolation. Some simply bleached them a light blonde however many opted for a color, the most popular of being pinks and purples. More recently a surge of two-toned, black and blonde hair has appeared. Some honorable mentions include single streaks of color, curtain bangs, colored bangs, and underside coloring. 


These color block styles and soft shades are reminiscent of many 90s hair trends and often paired with 90s accessories like hair clips and scrunchies. Winged eyeliner and striped tops also bring up trends from the 2000s. 


Much of the fearless and daring looks we see today are owed to internet communities and the normalization among teens. However, the question will rise of whether or not these hairstyles will continue to appear after lockdowns let up and life returns to whatever the new normal will be.