Reopening of Schools in the US


Sophia Gesmundo, Co-Editor in Chief

With coronavirus continuing to spread in the US, schools in different states are starting to reopen, some with new guidelines, others entirely online, and many with a mix of both. Here at Lakes, the school has decided to start with eLearning and eventually reevaluate, moving into a blended plan of eLearning and in-person, with the student body broken into three groups, one entering every three weeks. These groups are further broken down into two, with an A and a B group. 

Schools in states including Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Indiana opened their doors for students full-time. One school in Dallas, Georgia, North Paulding High School sparked controversy and garnered national attention when a student posted a photo of a hallway crowded with students, body on body. After six students and three staff members tested positive for coronavirus, the school was closed for cleaning.

The decision of when and how to open schools has been in conversation with many districts since the close of most schools at the end of the 2019-2020 school year. Many schools, however, were forced to alter their plans and ideas still remain up in the air.

Whichever way schools have chosen to start the year, the traditional school day is no longer the same, and it is uncertain whether or not we will see it again soon.