Fun Things to Do in Our Area


While fall may be just a few weeks away, there is still time to experience this summer to the fullest. Even though we may not be able to participate in our normal summer activities or travels, there are still local places that can be fun while following CDC guidelines. 

Mere minutes away, downtown Antioch has some great options for everyone to enjoy, from Dairy Queen, Little Bean Coffee Co., the Rustic Reclaimed Market, Hannah’s, thrift stores, and  the reopening movie theater. Many restaurants, including Lovin Oven Bakery and Anastasia’s, offer outside seating that follows social distancing rules, making them perfect meeting places for a group of friends. Stores in Gurnee also have reopened and have adopted new procedures to ensure the safety of all customers. Beaches as close as Lake Villa all the way to Kenosha are also open and taking precautionary measures to maintain safety for guests. If you are willing to spend some money, businesses along the Chain O’ Lakes are renting kayaks, paddle boards, and small boats for a day out on the water.

There are also multiple outdoor options to enjoy while the weather is still warm. Von Bergen’s Country Market has been a very popular destination this summer due to their large sunflower maze. If you have not had the opportunity to go to the maze, this is the perfect place for photos with friends. Forest preserves (Sun Lake, Raven Glen, McDonald’s Woods) are also a great option for getting outside with friends, family, and pets. 

If you’re willing to cross the border into Wisconsin, there’s an amazing farmers market in Twin Lakes less than half an hour away. You can find fresh fruit and vegetables as well as many treasures such as flavored oils, cookies, dog treats and more. There usually is a food truck too. You can top off the day in Twin Lakes with a visit to Cup O’ Joe, a Friends-themed coffee house that has one of THE orange couches from Warner Bros.

So before you start turning to pumpkin spice lattes and Patagonia fleece, make sure to enjoy the rest of these sunny summer days with your friends and family!