Help Those Effected by COVID-19

Help Those Effected by COVID-19

Anna Gipple, Social Media Coordinator

Due to the recent lockdown, many people have been left jobless, homeless, and alone. Thankfully, there have been multiple organizations created to provide financial relief for those in need. If you or your family are in a position to donate to one of the charities listed below, it would be greatly appreciated. Every cent counts.


Meals on Wheels People is an organization that brings meals to the homes of weakened elderly. They have changed their procedures to make their meal drop-offs ‘contact-free’.


The Global Empowerment Mission is a disaster relief organization that is now asking for donations to ensure hospitals are being sent the necessary items.


The Salvation Army is taking donations to serve ‘to go meals’ to the homeless.


Skip out on the online shopping for now and click the links above. By donating to these organizations, you are keeping people fed and keeping hospitals supplied.