School is Cancelled, Thank You Seniors

Jack Engel, Feature Editor

Between April 16th and April 17th, J.B Pritzker, our governor announced that all Illinois high schools will not be returning to finish the remainder of their school year and will continue learning through the internet. This may be terrible news but there is a bright side to it. With this newly acquired time you can pursue new hobbies, workout, spend time with family, the possibilities are endless. As i’ve said in past articles, I urge every person reading this to continue to practice social distancing, not just because it’s the right thing to do but because it helps flatten the curve so this pandemic can be stopped and we can live our best lives. I’m now gonna use the rest of my post to address the seniors. Dear seniors, I wanted to personally thank you for everything you do. While most of the time it goes unnoticed, you play a big part in showing everyone how the school is run. You develop the culture that helps underclassmen find themselves. You lend a helping hand when you see fit and back off when you wanna see us learn for ourselves. You lead by example to show us how things should be done so that when you do leave we can continue the legendary lakes pride. So because I can’t say this in person right now, THANK YOU CLASS OF 2020.