Senior Assassin


Anna Gipple, Social Media Coordinator

Attention Seniors! As we all know, many events and traditions have been taken away from us. One thing that is not technically run by the school is Senior Assassin. Senior Assassin is a game in which each person pays an entry fee of $5 and is then assigned a target. If or when you get hit, you are out of the game and can no longer win the cash prize. 

This year, Abby Findlay has organized the game and is determined to make it happen! There is a slight change in plans but it is better late than never. Due to the global pandemic, Findlay felt obligated to push back the start date. 

The $5 entry fee is now due the week of May 4th-8th and the new start date is May 11th. The game is said to go far into summer, but that will just make it more intense and fun. 

Get ready to hunt down your targets, seniors! Remember to stay safe, stay healthy, and stay happy.