What Will Happen to Spring Sports?

Jack Engel, Feature Editor

2 weeks ago our governor J.B Pritzker put a pause on all school activities. This immediately raised the question of when are we returning to normalcy. The answer to this is simply indefinite. The earliest we could return to school activities/athletics is sometime early may and that’s if everything goes perfect. However, right now all activities are suspended indefinitely and have a chance returning at the beginning of the summer. A good way to deal with this extra time as an athlete is to treat every day as if it was a normal school day. Get up every day early to begin to work on your schoolwork, and then throw yourself into your athletics. I am assigned workout every day by my coach via google classroom. However, with this extra time I’ve begun to research ways on how I could improve my body and my performance in the workout. My point in this is to use this extra time for good use and not just extra lounge time. During this time, I’ve found that it’s easy to feel unmotivated because you’re away from your team. Ways I’ve dealt with this feeling is by face timing my teammates and coach to simply catch up. Another way to stay connected with your teammates is to make a game out of your distancing. My team has created a scavenger hunt via pictures. The game runs very simply, take a picture where you’re running and upload it to google classroom, then the rest of the team guesses to earn points. The person with the most points wins. Athletes, I know it may seem like your season is over but it’s not. I urge you all to remain active and safe.