COVID-19 Pandemic Vs. Sports

Jack Murrie, News Editor

With the COVID-19 outbreak affecting the world, many aspects of life have been changed. Such as quarantine, social distancing, panic buying, sports, jobs, traveling, and school. Since COVID-19 is easily transmitted teh country has gone into almost lock down. This means try and avoid large gatherings of people. Large gatherings of people now being almost dangerous, sports have become a problem. A lot of major sports have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. NBA and college basketball both cancelled their seasons, which sadly means no March Madness. Some of the players even contracted the virus. NBA Players Kevin Durant, Marcus Smart, and Rudy Gobert have contracted the coronavirus. A hockey player, unnamed, on the Ottawa Senators has reportedly contracted Covid-19 which is the first case for the NHL. While the football season is over Sean Payton, a coach for the New Orleans Saints, contracted the coronavirus. Professional soccer has also cancelled the season. Multiple players from different countries have contracted the coronavirus, players from Turkey, Italy, Great Britain and Spain.The other professional sports that have been canceled consist of Soccer (United Kingdom and Europe), Tennis until late April, and MLB has been delayed as of right now but not cancelled. This brings the question, what will the athletes do now. With many gyms and training centers being closed and statewide quarantines being sent out, many athletes have to stay home. Now I know that the top athletes have gyms in their homes, but what about those who do not have any access. How will their season be affected? All we can do right now is wait and be hopeful. Stay safe.