Pros and Cons to Taking a Gap Year

Pros and Cons to Taking a Gap Year

Jacob Brooks, Editor In Chief

What is a gap year? How do you know if a gap year is right for you? Is taking a gap year worth it? These are all questions that should be asked if you are considering one. First off though, let’s define what a gap year actually is: A year, typically after high school, where a student forgoes college for that given year to prepare to head off to college the next year.

In most cases, preparing for college in that year off can range from things such as saving up money by getting a job, mentally preparing yourself if you’re not ready, or to even take a break from school and focus on other aspects of life, whatever they may be. If college isn’t your first option, focus on what is. Whatever decisions you make after high school are what determine where you’ll end up for the better part of your life. 

If you’re considering a gap year though, you should consider the potential consequences, and weigh the good and bad. There are great outcomes that can come from taking a year off. If you discover a better opportunity outside of going to college, that’s a great situation. If you still plan to go to college, and your year off is setting you up for it, that’s the goal. There are some drawbacks though, including not earning money as fast since you are going to graduate a year later than you could have. 

If it’s something going through your mind, it’s worthy enough to at least consider the possibilities, but it is most important to look over your own specific situation.