What is Project Purple?


Anna Gipple, Social Media Coordinator

Pancreatic cancer is a brutal form of cancer that has taken too many lives for far too many years. The 2019 and the start of the 2020 statistics state that the five-year survival rate for patients with Pancreatic Cancer has only reached 10 percent. Project Purple is not only aiming to increase survival rate, but to create a world without Pancreatic Cancer. 

Dino Verelli is the founder of the nonprofit charity organization called ‘Project Purple’. Due to his achievements to raise awareness, the organization thousands of supporters. Project Purple hosts a variety of different ways to get involved and reach goals for pancreatic cancer such as podcasts, shops, marathons, half marathons, and even links to donate your money straight to funding pancreatic cancer patients.

Organizations like Project Purple are extremely important to make a difference for those impacted by Pancreatic cancer solely because of the heart-breaking truth behind this illness. The American Cancer Society published their estimates for Pancreatic cancer in 2020. They have estimated that approximately 57,600 people will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2020 and about 47,050 of those patients will not survive. People like Dino Verelli and the rest of Project Purple can work to change those numbers drastically.

To donate or become part of Project Purple, please go to www.projectpurple.org.