Student Parking Lot Update

Jack Murrie, News Editor

With the construction of the field house soon starting, there are some changes that are being made to the parking lot situation. 

As construction starts near the spring the staff parking lot by the athletic entrance and along with the bus parking before and after school will be inaccessible, to anyone who drives to the school. The solution the school has come up with is not to take away any parking passes, but instead they will move students that park the lot closest to the football field, and staff will be taking up parking spots near the track. Buses will also be parked near the track after school for anyone who takes the bus home. 

It is when school ends for the day where chaos may ensue in the parking lot. From 2:50 to 3:00, the security guards controlling traffic will try to get as many students out of the parking lot as possible, meaning that you need to pay attention to what the security guards are telling you to do when you are leaving. However, once it becomes 3:00, the security guards will hold off all traffic except for the buses, because that’s when they leave the school. The buses will leave the school from the parking lot near the track onto eagle way and through the stop light. After all the buses have left the school the security guards will resume the flow of traffic to get everyone home.