Oddest Animals People Have Tried to Bring on Planes


Courtesy of whyy.org

Sophia Gesmundo, A&E Editor

In January 2018, a woman, quite famously, tried to bring a peacock onto a United Airlines flight claiming it as an emotional support animal. Emotional support animals, traditionally dogs or cats and even miniature horses, may fly free of charge, but after many incidents, Airlines have been tightening their policies. Again in 2018, a child was bitten by an emotional support dog on a flight. The question of whether or not some of these animals are really necessary and how far airlines can go to prevent fake comfort pets is one of great controversy. Airlines, like Delta, have taken measures to be quite specific about what animals are not allowed on flights, not that people still don’t try. 

These are some of the strangest animals people have tried to bring on planes:

  • Snakes- Seven small snakes crammed into nylon stockings as well as three small turtles were discovered in a travelers pants. 
  • Ducks, chickens, and roosters
  • A tarantula
  • Penguins
  • Lobster- A checked bag alarm went off and a TSA officer pulled a live lobster out. Lobsters are, in fact, allowed in carry-on as well as checked bags.  
  • Turkey
  • Kangaroos