From the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen


 The youtube channel Bon Appetit has been popping up in our recommendation for a while. With the members of their staff having such bright and big personalities, it’s no surprise their youtube videos have taken off.

Brad Leone hosts the show “It’s Alive” where he travels the world, learns how to hunt, prepares local food, and exchanges culture. Claire Saffitz is a professional pastry chef and started by making a video series called “Baking School” where she taught the basics of pastries and cakes. She now is the host of Bon Appetit’s most popular web series, “Gourmet Makes”, where she attempts to recreate a processed snack food in the Bon Appetit test kitchen. With no recipe and only based on her knowledge of other foods and the ingredients listed on the package, Claire has homemade snacks such as Skittles and Kit-Kats. Carla Music has a show called “Back-to-Back Chef” in which celebrities, such as David Dobrik, the Try Guys, Tiffany Young, and WWE superstar Braun Strowman, attempt to prepare a meal by only vocal instruction. Carla and the guest chef stand back-to-back and cook the same meal to serve to each other. Molly Baz has a show called “Molly Tries” in which she learns niche cooking skills from professionals in that area, such as survival cooking and pancake art. Chris Morocco’s Show puts super tasting to the test. Chris is blindfolded and given a dish made by a famous chef such as Gordon Ramsey. Using only taste, scent, and touch, Chris must try to recreate the dish, being graded on the appearance, ingredients, and technique. Most often, he is within 20% from a perfect score. 

Bon Appetit has been around since the ’50s. It began as a cooking magazine and cooking goods shop, and has become a multimedia outreach. On their website, you can find original recipes, cooking tips and advice, recommended tools and foods, prominent opinion pieces on various etiquettes, and biographies on people who change the norms of restaurants and cooking.  The rich and diverse culture of Bon Appetit and the effortless humor that comes from such strong personalities that videos (such as this : have been made.