Behind the Camera and Offscreen

An Exclusive Look into Eagle Eye News


Eagle Eye News logo

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, the students here at Lakes Community High School get to watch their peers on an episode of Eagle Eye News during their second hour class. For students who are not in Broadcast Journalism, it can be very difficult to see what it’s like behind the camera and off screen.

An episode of Eagle Eye News simply cannot be “thrown together” by one person. Teamwork is key in order for the entire class to showcase their interests and talents. These students are expected to come up with creative ideas and meet their deadlines. 

While trying their best to create high quality and entertaining content, these students have plenty of funny memories. Senior Klayton Miller, stated, “On one of our first live episodes, we had no idea we were live for a few minutes while we were setting up. We found out later, the whole school could hear what we were saying.” Mistakes are bound to happen in a classroom full of students who are just being introduced to Broadcast Journalism. The most important part is that the students learn and take something from the class. “The best part about being involved in Eagle Eye News is having the opportunity to film an event, then seeing it edited and produced, and receiving good feedback on it.” stated Miller.

The Broadcast Journalism class is filled with many creative and intelligent minds and the student body here at Lakes is pleased with their work thus far.