Lollapalooza Tips and Overview

Jack Engel, Feature Editor

Towards the end of the summer every year Chicago holds its annual Lollapalooza festival. This four-day festival attracted over 400,000 people in its 2019 go-around. Each person coming to view the 170+ musicians scheduled to perform. Aside from the countless number of shows to watch there are other amenities to help your overall lollapalooza experience. The 115-acre park is loaded with 7 water filling stations, 6 air cooling stations, 2 gaming stations, 8 stages, 50+ porta-potties, 5 food tents, 25 bar tents, and 4 large merch tents. During this time in the summer, Chicago goes through a preparation period, to get ready to feed, house, and entertain the thousands of people coming to the famed festival. The first thing taken into account is the transportation to the festival. Many chose to take the Metra train because of the frequently jammed roads in and out of Chicago. The metra train to Chicago created a special unlimited train pass that grants a rider one free ride to and from Chicago, selling the pass at 10$ a pop. Once in the city, Hotels such as the Congress plaza- which is located across from the festival- offers an exclusive four day deal for festival-goers. The deal begins at 189$ a day, then gradually goes up as rooms at reserved. The last thing to worry about would be food, most attendees don’t buy food inside the park due to the outrageous prices. Many choose to eat lunch before they go in and eat after they leave. Restaurants such as Forum 55Beatnik, and Steingolds Deli take as much as 50% off on their standing menu, during the festival weekend. Lollapalooza continues to amaze the world with its ability to celebrate all cultures.