Dave Chappelle Backlash


Edited by Evan Bendall

Jack Engel, Features Editor | Evan Bendall, Photo & Video Editor

The funniest stand-up comedian has came back. Dave Chappelle, released his Netflix special, Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones, on August 26.

With this new special, people have taken some lashings at some of Chappelle’s jokes and he is under attack by some groups of people. Dave Chappelle, the past host of the famed Chappelle’s Show, reveals why he left the successful program.

In an interview, Chappelle exclaims that he never quit and is simply “seven years late for work”. The interview then goes onto to reveal that he “simply had other priorities in life”. After Chappelle had his aforementioned break, he came back with his hit specials; Equanimity & The Bird Revelation and Dave Chappelle. These specials simply put him back on the map. In these specials, Chappelle talks about very controversial topics, such as the O.J Trial, Donald Trump’s Presidency, and Louis C.K sexual assault case. Chappelle soon followed these specials with his most recent show, Sticks and Stones.

In typical Chappelle fashion he covers gun culture, the opioid crisis, and celebrity scandals. With no surprise, Chappelle is receiving serious backlash for his stand on prior issues. Critics calling Chappelle a “Racist”, “Ignorant”, and “Anti-Woke”. Chappelle responds to this criticism by simply ignoring it and doing what he does best, not care.